3D printing service

In our factory in the Netherlands we have been producing unique concrete products since 2019. The industrial process we have developed includes a very extensive quality control process. This ensures we will deliver the upfront agreed quality for your product.


Together with multiple partners we have produced the highest quality 3D printed constructive products. You can find some examples of these on our project page. As Saint Gobain Weber we will be scaling up our production facility globally.


Weber 3D printing factory


3D printing with concrete mortar. Weber Beamix has been experimenting with this since the beginning of this century and already built the first 3D printed wall in 2005. It took another 10 years before the development in the field of 3D concrete
printing was accelerated by the 3DCP project of Eindhoven University of Technology. Within a consortium of companies, this experiment grew step-by-step into a new production method in construction. The result is high-profile
projects and the opening of the first concrete printing factory in Europe in 2019.


Saint-Gobain Weber has fully owned the printing plant in Eindhoven since May 2021. With this strategic step, we are intensifying our development and production activities in 3D concrete printing. We also focus on sustainability, industrialisation and digitalisation and increase our ability to serve the market independently.

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