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April 2021
First house handed to tenants

The first house from the Milestone project has been occupied, it meets all modern comfort requirements. The following houses will be purchased and let out by a real estate company.

3D concrete print facility

BAM and Weber Beamix opened the first industrial and commercial 3D concrete printing facility. Its two printing robots are now operational and working on projects on a regular basis. In the meantime, the factory intensifies the digitalization of the complete design to realization process, calling this process "digital manufacturing".    

Milestone Housing project

The Milestone Housing project was revealed: a series of 3D printed houses in Eindhoven. With this, a whole realm of new possibilities opened up for the 3D printing market. 

First 3D concrete printed bridge

Construction of the world's first 3D printed concrete bridge. This 8 meter long engineering feat was placed in Gemert (NL) and was extensively covered by media accross the globe

The consortium 3DCP

Theo Salet, professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, initiated the consortium 3DCP. It marked the introduction of actual 3D printing technology to the previously manual process. From here, the combined knowledge of BAM, Weber Beamix and TU Eindhoven led to the development of parametric computer models, optimized mortar and printing robots.

First manually printed wall

Weber Beamix realized the first manually 3D printed wall in one continuous process. It was 3 meters wide, over 2 meters high and took 2,5 hours to produce. It was built making use of a cart with its wheels in rails, that moved from left to right and back. The cart carried a nozzle that distributed the mortar. 

Start development of mortar for 3D printing

A multifunctional Weber Beamix team started experimenting on 3D concrete printing following the challenge launched by the University of Southern California.