Bicycle bridges, North-Holland

Type of project:

Bicycle bridges




BAM Infra

3D printed length:

13 meters

In collaboration with the Province of North Holland, BAM Infra Nederland and Witteveen+Bos we are building four printed concrete bicycle bridges. All along this provincial road (N243) between Alkmaar and Purmerend. Each bridge consists of seven separate printed components. The bridges will be built over the Jispersloot, Vrouwensloot, Beemsterringvaart and Voordijksloot along the Schermerhornerweg.


The four 3D-printed concrete bicycle bridges were printed in our printing factory. The bridges are captured in parametric models, which can be easily modified to create unique designs that can be printed directly. The bridges have different dimensions and differently shaped edges. The smallest bridge has a span of 9 metres, the largest bridge has a span of 13 metres. All bridges are approximately 4.5 metres wide.


Henk Post, Civil Director at BAM Infra Regional: “We have to build more sustainable. Collaboration is essential here. When we look back in ten years’ time, we will see that these types of creative and innovative solutions and partnerships have been the starting point for sustainable construction.”