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Project Redesign N243: 

Three 3D printed concrete bicycle bridges in North Holland


“We have to build more sustainable. Collaboration is essential here. When we look back in ten years’ time, we will see that these types of creative and innovative solutions and partnerships have been the starting point for sustainable construction.”


Henk Post

Civil Director, BAM Infra

Project Milestone: 3D printed house


“The freedom of form that 3D printing creates in concrete creates an enormous new space of possibilities for designing and experiencing a home. At the same time, this new technique contributes to the necessary sustainability of the construction sector, acceleration of construction production and control of construction costs, essential to continue building affordable homes.”


Pieter Knauff

Chief Investment Officer, Vesteda

Project The Perfect Wave: 3D printed skate track


‘’Why not build the “perfect wave skate obstacle” in Eindhoven that every (skate)boarder wants to ride? The 3D concrete printing (3DCP) technology allows for more form freedom in design. Even natural shapes like waves can be reproduced.’’


Ulrike Jurklies

Owner and designer, Studio mo man tai

Project Driebergen-Zeist: Traditional formwork replaced by 3D concrete printing


“Such an element is almost impossible to do with formwork. So, here again, the 3D printer offered a solution. The cost of the printed lost formwork was equal to that of the budgeted traditional formwork. However, the great advantage was the significant savings in labor and lead time.”


Stefan Bloemberg

Supervisor, BAM Infra

Project Nijmegen: The longest 3D printed bridge in the world


“It’s great to see it happen. After much talking, thinking and pow-wows, the 29.5 meter long bridge is finally placed. Wow, what a delight”.


Michiel van der Kley

Owner en architect , Studio Michiel van der Kley

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