Discover our newest 3D printed slopestairs

3D concrete printing is increasingly being used in practice. You can see our 3D printed objects in more and more Dutch municipalities. Below you can see three beautiful examples of projects that we have realized in the past period.
Slopestairs - Bitgum | 3D.Weber

Did you know that 3D printed slopestairs have a lot of advantages? The biggest advantage is CO2-reduction because this slopestair has a 60% lower footprint instead of regular prefab staircases. In addition, we do not use reinforcement steel and less concrete is used by printing ‘hollow’ steps. 


Below we show you three project we have released last months. These examples truly showcase the value of 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP).

Slopestairs - Bitgum | 3D.Weber

Slopestairs in Bitgum

Three 3D printed slope stairs have been installed in the Frisian village of Bitgum. The stairs are placed in three different places by Cnossen Infra BV.

Slopestairs in Brielle

Leander Mackloet of Waterschap Hollandse Delta commissioned new slopestairs. The staircase leads to the control box of a pumping station.
3D printed slopestairs Brielle
3D printed slopestairs in Saambeek

Slopestairs in Saambeek

Wim Van der aa of contracting company Gebr van der Aa bv placed a staircase at a pumping station for the Water Board Aa en Maas.

Advantages of a 3D printed slope staircase:

  • 30% Cheaper than regular prefab staircases;
  • Delivered within two weeks;
  • Tailor made;
  • More than 50% more sustainable than regular prefab staircases;
  • Very easy to handle and assemble;
  • Fully comply with the dutch building regislations, we can tailor make the staircase bases on local regislations.

Are 3D printed slopestairs the fitting solution for your project? Or do you want to know more about the possibilties of 3D printed slopestairs? Request our infopaper or contact our projectleader Jean Pierre van Dongen: +31 6 15076705 or

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