Bicycle bridge, Steenwijk

Type of project:

Bicycle bridge




Antea Group

3D printed length:

8 meters

The 3D-printed bridge by Antea is an impressive showcase of technology and sustainability. The bridge is located in Steenwijk, Netherlands and has a length of approximately 8 meters. It is one of the first bicycle bridges in the world that has been fully printed using 3D-printing technology. The bridge is made of concrete and was produced by 3D.Weber, a company specialized in 3D-printing of concrete structures.


The 3D-printing process of the bridge took place in the factory of 3D.Weber on Hastelweg 255, where the bridge was printed in large parts. These parts were then tensioned in the factory and transported to the construction site. This process resulted in efficient and precise production of the bridge, which led to less material waste and CO2 emissions.


The bridge has a unique appearance and is both functional and aesthetically attractive. The design of the bridge is inspired by organic shapes and is finished with a ribbed texture that gives the bridge a modern and elegant look. Moreover, the bridge is highly durable and low-maintenance, making it an ideal solution for cyclists and pedestrians who use the bridge on a daily basis.

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