In collaboration with Witteveen + Bos, we have developed the 3D-printed concrete stairs. This solution consist of a parametric design in combination with the capabilities of our 3D printing mortar platform. The result is a tailor made staircase which we can deliver within two weeks. 


You can place these embankment access stairs on a slope. For example, they can be perfectly placed along roads and railways to create accessibility or escape routes. In the Netherlands we place these stairs on levees, slopes next to canals, and flood expansion areas with the benefit we’re not altering the water-retaining properties of these levees.


The big advantage of the slopestairs are the CO₂ savings. We do not use reinforcing steel and use less concrete by printing ‘hollow’ steps. 

Receive infopaper 3D-printed slopestairs

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Advantages of a 3D printed slope staircase:

– 30% Cheaper than regular prefab staircases;

– Delivered within two weeks;

– Tailor made;

– More than 50% more sustainable than regular prefab staircases;

– Very easy to handle and assemble;

– Fully comply with the dutch building regislations, we can tailor make the staircase bases on local regislations.


The slope stairs can be configured as standard up to 1500 mm wide in combination with an infinite length. In addition to the dimensions (height, length, width, step height), options are available in the tool in the detailed engineering of the bottom and top of the stairs and any intermediate landings.

The stairs are very easy and quick to design thanks to the parametric tool. The design can be configured yourself with our online design tool. You can also send an email with the dimensions or a drawing to