Slopestairs, Amstelveen

Type of project:





BAM Infra

3D printed length:

11 meters

At the Ouderkerkerlaan in Amstelveen, four 3D-printed concrete slope stairs have been installed by BAM contractor. Each staircase is a whopping 11 meters long, 5.3 meters high, and 2.5 meters wide. 3D.Weber produced these stairs in their own factory in Eindhoven, using an innovative production process that creates many hollow spaces. This has resulted in reduced CO2 emissions.


During the work, the prefab stairs were transported in three parts and lifted separately. To prevent damage to the steps, they were covered with wooden planks during the process. The prefab stairs will be presented undamaged upon completion of the viaduct. Both the municipality of Amstelveen and BAM contractor prioritize sustainability and innovation.

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