3D-printed concrete now available in colour

Add colour to your stairs, wall elements or concrete furniture. We are proud to announce that our 3D printed objects are from now on available in the colours yellow, red, brown and green. We add these colours to the existing colours grey and anthracite.

Sustainable & colourful

3D concrete printing offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional formwork concrete. Because the 3D printer applies material only where needed, the products are 40-60% more durable. On top of that, 3D concrete printing offers more freedom of form. This is because the object no longer needs to be made from a solid piece of material.


And so from now on, these products are also available in various colours. This allows us to personalise our orders even further.


Would you like to know more about the possibilities of 3D concrete printing or are you interested in one of our products? Then contact us.

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