Weber develops eco mortar for 3D concrete printing

Weber, a leading pioneer in the field of 3D concrete printing, proudly announces Weber 3D eco. The next generation of its advanced 3D printing mortar. The development of the new mortar composition has resulted in an even more sustainable product. A significant reduction in cement without compromising on quality and workability.
Weber ontwikkelt eco mortel voor 3D betonprinten

Because a 3D printer only applies material where necessary, 3D printed products are on average 40 to 60% more sustainable than traditional formwork concrete products. In addition, the new concrete mortar uses considerably less cement in production. This, of course, without compromising Weber’s high quality standards and delivery reliability.


Weber 3D eco is the next step for the company to provide sustainable solutions for the construction sector, including popular inclined stairs, circular outdoor furniture, entrance protections, and other custom solutions.


“Our continued commitment to innovation and sustainability has led to this remarkable achievement,” says Peter Paul Cornelissen, Business Unit Manager Weber. “With this newly developed mortar composition, we reduce our cement consumption by almost half. In this way, we contribute to a cleaner future for the construction industry and the environment.”


Weber continues to be committed to providing innovative solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow. All of this supports Saint-Gobain’s global goal of ‘Making the world a better home.’


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