Saint-Gobain Weber and Urbastyle join forces with innovative 3D printed landscape benches

In partnership with Urbastyle, a leading provider of sustainable urban design solutions, we are proud to announce the launch of 3D printed landscape benches.

Through the innovative combination of 3D concrete printing with traditionally cast tops, we are creating benches that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Infinite possibilities
One of the most striking features of the landscape benches is the enormous freedom of form. Customers have the ability to customize the benches to their specific needs and preferences. Consider the shape, size and color of the benches.


Lightweight and resilient
Thanks to the use of 3D concrete printing technology, Saint-Gobain Weber and Urbastyle have managed to introduce benches that are remarkably lightweight while maintaining comfortable seating experiences and low maintenance requirements. In addition, the benches are finished with a polished concrete top that is highly durable and resilient.


“The collaboration between Urbastyle and Weber embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable urban design,” said Peter Paul Cornelissen, Business Unit Manager of 3D Printing at Saint-Gobain Weber.


Curious about the possibilities?
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