Online slopestairs configurator for personalized staircase design

Our 3D printed slopestair are a more durable option of a regular prefabricated staircase. To help you with your slopestairs design, we have a handy online slopestairs configurator. Thanks to this tool, you can effortlessly design and visualize your ideal staircase directly from the website.
Taludtrap configurator voor gepersonaliseerd trapontwerp

The slopestairs configurator allows users to customize various parameters, including the width, length, height, step height and number of platforms of the staircase. This allows customers to create a staircase that perfectly fits their specific needs and environment.

One of the most striking features of the configurator is the ability to visualize the designed staircase model in the real world using augmented reality (AR). You do this by pointing the camera of your smartphone or tablet at the desired location. This way you can virtually place the staircase and instantly see how it would look in their own environment.


“With our online slopestairs configurator, we want to simplify the design process for customers while offering a unique and interactive experience,” said Jean Pierre van Dongen, 3D Sales Project Leader Benelux at 3D.Weber. “By using advanced technologies such as AR, we aim to make it easier for our customers to visualize and realize their ideal staircase.”

The slopestairs configurator is now available on our website and is free to use for anyone looking for a customized staircase solution. With this innovative tool, we take another step forward in providing high-quality and customer-oriented building solutions.

Curious about the possibilities? Click here and start your design now with our configurator. Or request our slopestairs brochure for more information.

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