Perfect wave, Eindhoven

Type of project:

Public space object



The perfect wave is a great example of collaboration between our 3D printing factory and the talented designers of Studio mo man tai in Eindhoven. Interestingly, Ulrike Jurklies, a passionate skater, combined her love for skating with her passion for design, which led to the creation of the perfect wave. From design to construction, the end users were involved in the process. We see potential for pump tracks or skate parks by utilizing the freedom of 3D concrete printing to produce natural shapes that can blend seamlessly with nature.


Ulrike Jurklies, owner and designer at Studio mo man tai: Why not build the “perfect wave skate obstacle” in Eindhoven that every (skate)boarder wants to ride? The 3D concrete printing (3DCP) technology allows for more form freedom in design. Even natural shapes like waves can be reproduced.


The object is a post-processed skate ramp easily integratable in existing parks or skate parks. The post-processing is done to smooth the surface of the printed area. During this step, adding color is easy and similar to treating regular concrete. The wave stays hollow, meaning no addition of steel or extra poured concrete is necessary. Design and build with less concrete improves the overall lifecycle of the ramp.

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